30 Oct 2015

Crow's egg - Translated version

A special thanks to Senthil Anna, a senior manager from my company who has taken my chinna kaka muttai article to international level by publishing it in english :-) . It makes me feel so happy that this is the first article written by me which has been translated in another language. For making a history in my life, special thanks to Senthil Anna once again :-)  

Here the story begins... 

Parth had called up.. and he had also recounted an incident.. It was raining heavily yesterday at Medavakkam.. and as he was going to Velachery, this incident had happened..He has this habit of giving the lift to anybody and everybody even if he has urgent work.. be it day or night.. Rain or Sun...He would always stop.. It was around 11 am .. There was this little boy, who must have been on his way to school, who put his hand out for a lift.. He looked like this boy who acted in a Tamil movie (movie summary at the end of the blog) 

As usual, Parth started talking to him...

"Which school are you studying "

"Tharamani Government School, Anna.."

"Tharamani ?? and you are going so late.. Won't they scold you "

"Tenth std model exams are going on, so they asked us to come only in the afternoon"

Which Standard are you studying ? 

9th Anna..

"OK.. Why are you not going by bus ? "

"No bus pass Anna "

"Why, Dont they give you a free bus pass in the school " Parth has always been this curious guy.. He always strikes up a conversation with everybody he gives a lift.. and that is how he struck this conversation..

'Yes naa, They do give.. But I don't have money 

"hey, if it is free ,then why do you need money "

Due to the heavy rains, there was water everywhere.. the traffic was at best ,standstill.. Slow moving of vehicles.. and Parth was able to see the boy on the rear-view mirror as he was talking..

Yes Anna, it is free, but to take a photo and then print them, they asked 100 rupees.. asked amma and she scolded me and said she did not have money..

"They why did you not ask Appa " 

"No Appa anna.. He died"

"OOH. What happened ? When ? "

"Even before I was born, he fell ill and died thereafter " 

'Now Parth was feeling miserable for having started this conversation.. It was not a good day for him.. Since morning, he has had only problems .. Bike would not start.. and with so much of effort he started and that is when he realised, there was not much of petrol left and it was in reserve.. Month end so no money in the pocket....He continued..

"SO do you ask lift everyday ?"

'Yes naa.. I am coming from Sithalambakkam 

It is even interior than where you asked me for the lift.. So you take 2 lifts then..

Yes Naa. Nobody goes directly to velachery from there.. So I start early from home ..If you come tomorrow, I can come with you Anna..

"Till last year, what did you do for the Bus pass "

"Last year, Granny gave money.. She died recently..


'Yea ANNA.. She used to cook for me..one day while cooking, she fell down.. We took an auto and admitted her in Govt Hospital near central.. They gave her an injection.. She gave one deep breath and died Anna..


'Anna, my house is inside sithalampakkam and the ambulance guys refused to come inside naa..that is why we took an auto.. I feel so sad for granny annnaa 

'So what rank do you get "

'No Rank Anna.. Only grade.. I get B grade 

'Why da.. You dont A Rank 

'All girls get the A rank anna.. That is why 

'They study hard.. so they get.. Why dont you study too 

'Half of the time, I get delayed. So the watchman sends me away.. What to do Anna .. the teacher says, for my level, i can only get B ...

"So what does your mother do "

"She works in a pickle factory Anna "

'Where "

'Koyambedu (Far from where they live) . Everyday she goes anna 

"ooh How much does she earn ".. 

'4000 rs anna '

'own house, or rented house

'Rented only Anna. 1000 rs rent.. Balance for our expenses..

'Do you have a cell phone at home...

I dont have money for Bus pass.. How can we get a cell phone anna ..

After some deep thoughts, Parth asked him... 

So if i come to your school and get you the bus pass, will they let me 

'You cant come inside anna.. They wont let you " 

'If i give you money, what guarantee that you will not spend it on anything else 

'Anna.. I wont do that anna.. If my Mom comes to know, she would beat me black and blue 

'and if she asks you , how did you get the money, what would you tell her "

'I will tell her that one Anna gave me a lift and he also gave me money 

'Can i trust and give you money 

'Anna, if you have doubt, dont give me naa..

'How do I trust you then'

'I will stand in the same place tomo where you picked me up and i will show you the pass Anna then you see 

'Can you get it in one day..'

' With photo, it will come Anna "

Parth saw an ATM and went inside... He had Rs 267 balance.. He withdrew Rs 200.. 100 for petrol and 100 , he would give to the boy.. 

'So how will you go from Velachery '

'The school is near Tharamani station Anna.. So I go by train "

'And the money for the train " 

' I dont take ticket Naa.. we are students.. the TTR told me that students dont need to take tickets 

'Which TTR 

'Velachery Anna ..Once, I took a ticket.. The TTR caught me.. and he told me not to take ticket anymore.. From then onwards, I dont take Anna 

''What if some other TTR catches you "

'Will take him to Velachery TTR naa' 

'If the Velachery TTR changes, what will you do ?'

'Then no other way Anna, I have to take a ticket " 

Just then they reached Velachery Railway station... Parth dropped him and gave him 100 rs.. and told him 

"Study well ok.. only if you study, can you buy a Bike like this Ok ?"

"Will surely study Anna.. "

That is when Parth saw the boy fully.. No slippers.. with all the mud covered legs due to rains...half trousers with two holes stitched.. and the first and the last buttons on his shirt were replaced by safety pins...and the reddish hair had not seen oil for a long time

"Give me your no Anna "

'Give me your notebook.. English or Tamizh medium but why do you need my no ? "

'Tamizh anna' Will call you after I get the bus pass Anna 

'How will you call "

'Coin phone Anna.. Thanks Anna .. So he left with a happy face. and he turned around and told Parth.. 
"You carry on Anna.. I will study very hard..."

Parth while recounting the incident, told me that he thought for a long time about whether to give money or not to that boy.. Small boy.. But he was very clear you know.. for him, it was a lot of money...

'They why did you give him '

'I could not bear it.. We watch such thrid rate movies and spend 300 to 400 Rs and this is for a good reason..he is suffering everyday..Dont you remember, how many times, we would have asked lift when we were young.. nobody would give us.. and when we did not have money, we used to walk 3 kms to school.. in case he wastes that money, imagine what we would do after watching a horrible film.. Nothing.. That's all .. 

'hmm so do you think he will call ?'

'hmm ... Lets see, if he calls, I would call him here and get him some diwali clothes " 

The end 

Kakkai Muttai : Tamil movie..
We had a tamil movie recently called as crow's egg and this movie is based on 2 small boys, who are really poor.. but they desire to eat a Pizza. What happens in their journey to eat the pizza is taken in a very funny but emotional way... 

In the movie, as they don't get Chicken eggs, they steal Crow's eggs and eat them.. 


  1. ஆங்கில மொழிபெயர்ப்பு அருமையாக இருந்தது. நன்றி.

  2. the world we live bombards us with misleading ideas about how to live a happy life. We're told to chase money run after it and get more stuff, but at the end most of us live stressed and lonely ..but here like sarathy with such Little deeds of kindness we could make this earth a better place to live !!..congrats seenu :)

  3. Brother! I Don't Think This Is The End . Did That Boy Called Him Or Not ?

  4. Very nice cheenu. And Congrats!!!!!!! your article has now gone international....!!!!!! A nice story for a short film too..If some one shoots it it may compete in canes festive too...How"s it??!!

    1. ஆமா அண்ணா short film மா எடுத்தா செமயா இருக்கும் , சீக்கிரமா script Ready பண்ணுங்க ! ஆவி டாக்கீஸ் க்கு ரெகமன்ட் செய்றேன் :)

  5. nalla translation but சென்னை செந்தமிழ் மிஸ்ஸிங்க், பையன மொக்க இங்க்லிஸ் பேச விட்டுருக்கலாம்

    //'Why da.. You dont A Rank// அப்டிங்கறத why u dont get A da nu translate pannirukkalaam :)